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Our Activity

Montecristo is close to the needs of its customers and suppliers, paying always specific attention to respect of rules and environmental protection.

The Company has all the environmental licenses and certifications that it needs for brokerage and trading of wastes and pays big attention to the ones of his customers and carriers and to their financial strength, becoming a guarantee also for his suppliers, that know our accuracy, reliability and training on environmental and legal items.

MTC respects all environmental ordinances and has qualified personnel that is regularly catched up with the latest news on legislations to support his suppliers to complete corretly all necessary documents for transport, like CMR, annex VII and others.

Our Services

Inspection and, if necessary, service to the customer’s site to help them to select and divide incoming materials so to supply to final consumer a product ready to be melted

Transports planning from suppliers and to customers through forwarders

Support for completing necessary documents for travelling in respect of current legislation


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