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The traditional model of linear economy contrasts with the actual popular environmental sensitivity, because it’s focused on ‘extract, produce, use and throw away’. This old system based on well-being and on consumption, has highly increased the problem of wastes management because it was focused on a big availability of raw materials and energy at low price.

Today people know the importance of prevention and don’t consider anymore a waste for what it is but as a precious resource to introduce again in the production cycle.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Circular Economy

Today we became aware of importance of protecting the environment and to extend the products’life cycle, contributing to reduce the production of wastes, meant as not more reusable materials. On this principle is based the circular economy, of which our Company is proudly part, being a link between the small and medium scraps Companies and the end users. Montecristo indeed, thanks to his knowledge of european and foreign markets, deals with purchase from small and medium Companies in the sector and sales with direct delivery, sometimes also organizing transports, to big final consumers that use MTC like representative. This is an important role because allows to buyers to have one only contact person that follows up for them all the organization, from the collection of material, to management of quality issues, at low cost not having, MTC, great expense of stuctures and staff.